Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs

Student/Collegiate Awards

Federation Student/Collegiate Awards are for ages 19 - 25.



NFMC Awards are $3,000 for national winners in each category.
LFMC Awards are up to $400 for state winners.

Application deadline is January 15, odd years.

General Information   

Student/Collegiate Auditions Application

Certification Letter

Repertoire Requirements

To apply, contact LFMC Student/Collegiate Division Chairman Ken Nelson


1. The NFMC Biennial Student Awards are given in odd-numbered year in thirteen classifications:
Piano, organ, harp, classical guitar, man?s voice, woman?s voice, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, Orchestral woodwinds (flute, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, and clarinet), orchestral brass (French horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba) and percussion.

2. Each entrant must be a member of NFMC either through student organization membership or as an Individual Student Special Member. LFMC generously pays the dues of entrants.  Please check "I hereby apply for Student/Collegiate individual membership" box on ST 1-5 Application, but do not include dues check. 

3. State winners go directly to National Competition.

4. Entrants must have reached the 19th but not the 26th birthday by the Application Deadline (January 15) of the audition year.

5. Entrants cannot compete in the Student/Collegiate and the Young Artist competitions in the same year.

6. A copy of the applicant's birth certificate is no longer required.

7. A candidate may enter the auditions in his/her home state or in the state where he/she is studying.

8. NFMC First Place Student/Collegiate Audition winners are ineligible.

9. The state student/collegiate auditions chairman should not be the NFMC Regional Vice President. Students of artist advisers and officers of NFMC may enter the auditions
provided the adviser or officer is not involved in conducting the auditions.

10. The competition entry fee is $30. No refunds will be made. The entrant must pay this fee.  (Many colleges in Louisiana will pay this competition fee for the student.  Entrant should inquire at their college to see if their college does this.  Regardless, this fee must accompany the application.) 

11. No substitutions or changes can be made in the student program after the National Chairman has approved the submitted repertoire.

12. Auditions will be by CD. The CD and the certification letter (ST 1-15) are due postmarked by February 15. Please note the following specifications for the CD.

1. The CD must be of professional quality, playable on an audio player and not solely on a computer.

2. Each CD will be identified with only the name of the state and category (ex. Arizona - piano). The Entrant?s identification (including name, address, cellular phone number, and email) should be submitted on a separate page.

3. The disk should contain the entire required repertoire (as approved by the NFMC Student/Collegiate Auditions Chairman when applicable, i.e. odd-numbered years).

4. The Entrant?s approved repertoire list must be followed, but may be performed in the order of the Entrant?s preference.

5. A card inside the CD case must list the repertoire in the order recorded with the exact total time in minutes and seconds.

6. The CD recording must be accompanied by a Certification Letter (Form ST 1-15) signed by an impartial person who witnessed the recording.

7. No CD will be accepted if it is recorded during a recital.

8. The CD will be returned if Entrant provides a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is January 15, odd years.  
Two Application Forms, six Repertoire lists and Application fee should be sent to Ken Nelson by January 15.  Please Email Ken to get his address.

CD DEADLINE is Postmarked February 15. 

To apply, contact LFMC Student/Collegiate Division Chairman Ken Nelson.  kentec44@gmail.com


The Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick Student Awards are up to $400 awards given in odd years to the winners of the state Student/Collegiate Auditions.  Deadline is January 15.


 The Charlotte Davis Parrott Religious Music Education Award is worth $250 for a junior at a Louisiana college majoring in religious music education: voice, piano, organ or directing.  

 The James E. Hudson Award in Piano Pedagogy is worth $350 for a junior or senior collegiate student majoring in piano pedagogy. Deadline is July 15.

For more information, contact LFMC Student/Collegiate Division Chairman Ken Nelson. kentec44@gmail.com