Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs

Junior Composers Contest

LFMC has awards for the LFMC Junior Composers Contest winners!


LFMC Junior Composers Contest Awards

Class IV: First Place $200, Second Place $50

Class III: First Place $150, Second Place $50

Class II: First Place $100, Second Place $25

Class I: First Place $50, Second Place $25

And NFMC offers additional awards up to $300.


  Congratulations to the following 2019 LFMC Junior Composers Contest Winners!


CONGRATULATIONS to our Juniors who advanced in judging to Regional and National Judging!

       Chairman: Rebecca Bellelo, rebeccabellelo@yahoo.com
       The LFMC Junior Composers Contest encourages Junior members to develop their talents in composition.
       All LFMC Junior Composers applications and materials must be uploaded to the NFMC website.  Follow the directions on the JR 7-1
       and JR 7-2 forms for uploading all materials to the NFMC website.
       Entrant must be a member of an LFMC Junior Club.
       Only one composition per student may be entered. 
       Gold Cups!  LFMC now fully participates in the official Federation Gold Cup program for the Junior Composers Contest.
       It is a wonderful point system based on their ratings.  And the points are HIGHER in the Junior Composers Contest!  A Superior earns 7 or 8
        points (see below)!
       So Gold Cups have the potential to be awarded sooner and more frequently!
       Gold Cup Points awarded as follows:
       8 points for a Superior for 2 or more instruments
       7 points for a Superior
       6 points for an Excellent
       5 points for a Satisfactory
       3 points for a Fair
       1 point for a Needs Improvement
       Entries will be judged in four divisions:

Junior Class I - ages 9 and under
Junior Class II - ages 10 - 12
Junior Class III - ages 13 - 15
Junior Class IV - ages 16 - 18
Ages are determined as of March 1.

          The TOTAL fee is $21:

                  NFMC Contest Fee:        $5

                  State Fee:                      $10

                  Federation Cup Fee:      $6

                  Total:                               $21

There are four (4) parts to the application; all four parts must be uploaded to the NFMC website prior to February 1, 2019 (www.NFMC-music.org):

          1.  NFMC Application Form JR7 7-2, for current year only
          2.  Composition score in PDF format
          3.  MP3 recording
          4.  Payment of fees (to be sent to NFMC).

All four parts must be RECEIVED by February 1, 2019.

Two compositions in each Class will be forwarded to the Regional Chairman.  NFMC offers cash awards up to $300 for national winners.

You must download  JR 7-1 and JR 7-2 (below) for complete rules and application form.  

You can download the rules and application form by clicking the links below. After downloading, print, fill out, and mail the form. You must have Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms. Acrobat Reader is free, you can get it here.


Download rules

Download Application Form